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The vigilance function with the National Building Construction Corporation of India is an integral part of the Management. It is the nodal section for handling all vigilance matters of the NBCC. It believes that with best practices, adequate controls and transparency in place, decisions taken will be professionally, efficiently, effectively and consistently, leading to the corporate excellence. The Vigilance Division of Corporation under the charge of Chief Vigilance Officer (of the rank of Joint Secretary).

Complaints received from within the Corporation, Members of public, Central Bureau of Investigation, Central Vigilance Commission, Clients and Ministry of Urban Development are investigated in the Vigilance Division. After investigation of complaints, where lapses/ irregularities are established, the disciplinary proceedings are initiated against the delinquent employees. Further, with an ultimate aim of eradicating corruption in the Corporation, a four pronged strategy is followed which has also been appropriately incorporated in the Annual Action Plan relating to anti-corruption measures:

  • Preventive Vigilance
  • Detective Vigilance and Surveillance
  • Punitive Vigilance
  • Use of IT innovations to curb malpractices and ensure transparency.

Preventive Vigilance:

The inspections of sensitive areas are carried out from time to time by the Vigilance Division either independently or along with the functionary of other streams/ agencies such as Financial Audit and also with Chief Technical Examiner -CVC (CTE’s) representatives. Circulars and system improvement directives are issued to develop awareness among the employees of the Corporation on the basis of common irregularities observed during inspection/ investigation. Vigilance Division also prepares a list of officers of doubtful integrity ensure rotational transfer of officers posting in sensitive posts.

As a part of preventive vigilance initiatives, the Officers of the Vigilance Department have regularly been nominated for outside training programs. The vigilance clearance cases of the employees are being processed on a continuous basis in respect of resignation, promotions, NOC for getting passport, going abroad for personal visit/ training etc. Vigilance Division reviewed the annual property returns of the employees on a continuous basis.

Detective Vigilance:

On the basis of complaints from members of public, audit reports, inspections, the sub-standard work and unethical practices are checked to a great extent and steps are taken to avoid recurrence of such irregularities.

Punitive Vigilance:

Where ever misconduct or corrupt practices are noticed on the basis of reports received from CTE of CVC and / or investigation concluded by the Vigilance Division, disciplinary proceedings are initiated against the delinquent officials and they are accordingly penalized.

Use of IT innovations to ensure transparency:

In order to ensure transparency and also efficient Vigilance Administration, use of Information Technology Innovations are actively pursued. Some important steps taken in this direction are:

  • Most of the e-Governance mechanisms have been implemented in the Corporation.
  • Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in major areas like Financial Accounting, Payroll, Project Accounting, Project Billing and e-payments, besides, e-investment (Treasury Management), Bill Watch System, Vendor Registration etc. has been done.
  • E-tendering/ E-auction has been started.
  • E-payments are being made to contractors/ suppliers/ consultants/ staff. All payments are being done through centralized ERP System.
  • New Features in ERP system has been added like Vendor Interface (VIS), SMS/E-Mail (SMS), Travel bill passing/ Transfer simulation (TBS & TSS) and E-PMS).
  • Annual Property Returns in r/o all employees in A&B category have been uploaded on the website.
  • System improvement in Vigilance Division has been initiated by introducing effective complaint handling system and by maintaining complaint database to effectively monitor their status.

Improvements undertaken by NBCC IT Division:

  • Accounts/MIS Reports updates along with speed enhancements in ERP
  • Development and implementation of NBCC digital cloud - Unified interface for all IT services
  • Development and implementation of Technical Support System for Paperless technical support
  • Implementation of APR (Annual Property Return System) through ERP
  • Personalized e-mail services on new domain i.e. @nbccindia.com
  • Implementation of Digital Record library for archival of old records in digital format
  • Implementation of One click EPF, TCS e-statement
  • Integration of Aadhar ID in ERP
  • e-office implementation in HRM, Law & CPG section
  • Implementation of Memo of Payment (MoP), Creditor Ageing & New Service Bill Module
  • e-Office implementation in Finance Division